Rihanna announces new album artwork “Unapologetic”

Rihanna confirmed that a new album was on the way with the release of her single “Diamonds” and today we have a title, release date, plus the revealing cover art for Unapologetic. (Click here to see)

She tweeted, also sharing the album’s cover:

On it, Rihanna sports her pixie cut and Isis tat. She’s topless as words like “Victory,” “Chalice,” “Faith” and “Side Effects” are scrolled across her body.

After her initial tweet about the announcement, she tweeted out several teases that attempted to send her fans on a scavenger hunt to look for the title on the cover.

Her message, “Find the #ALBUMTITLE in #allBLACKeverything on the #COVER,” led fans to wonder if the title would be Unapologetic or Side Effects.

Ahead of the announcement, it had been rumored that Rihanna‘s album title might have something to do with the number “7” after her label, Universal Music, bought several websites including Rihanna7Wonders.com and Rihanna7WorldWonders.com. Now, though, it seems that number is only tied to the fact that this is her seventh studio album.

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