Leona Lewis whines about Rihanna’s success of ‘We Found Love’: “Mine’s better”

Leona Lewis wouldn’t confirm or deny a rumor about One Direction and now she is claiming that she’s better than Rihanna. On Sunday more reports surfaced where she is suggesting her version of “We Found Love” is better than Rihanna’s single that was released.

The two entertainers apparently recorded the same song, but it was Leona Lewis who decided not to release the single giving Rihanna an option to do so. Even so, Lewis is now claiming something wasn’t quite fair about the decision as her version is better than Rihanna’s version.

I didn’t commit to it because I wanted Troubleto be my first single,” said Leona Lewis. “I think that was another reason they went with Rihanna. It was the same version and production but mine’s better.

Of course Leona Lewis has no intentions of releasing her version of  “We Found Love” for the fans to decide which is better, which is very disappointing after whining how unfair Rihanna is to release her version. Readily admitting she made the choice, Leona Lewis acts as if everyone should feel sorry for her bad judgment on song selections. Continue reading


Rita Ora: Stop trying to make a Rihanna feud happen

Rita Ora was initially flattered by being compared to superstar and fellow Roc Nation artist Rihanna, but as she comes into her own as an artist, she doesn’t listen to the critics who call her a copy of Rihanna, and she’s making it clear that there is no feud with her.

My music’s different, we sing differently, we’re from different parts of the world,” she said of the comparisons in a new interview.

Rita is the newbie in the industry, so juicy stories of a feud with a superstar would catch anyone’s eye. Whether it be rumors that Rihanna is trying to steal Rita’s boyfriend or rumors Rita stole her hit song “R.I.P.” away from the “We Found Love” singer, the two singer’s have been put up against each other as bitter enemies. Rita says that is far from the truth.

We’ve seen each other lots of times and we hang out, Rita added. “So if people are trying to create a feud, not going to work. Even if that was the case, Roc would be like, ‘What are you guys doing? You’re part of the same family!‘” Continue reading

Rihanna enters 2013 Guinness Book Of World Records

It may be hard to believe, but next year marks the 8th anniversary of Rihanna‘s arrival to Pop music.

No longer the Island Pop Princess we came to know her as in 2005, the singer/producer has gone onto become one of her genre’s more powerful forces, going toe to toe with acts she once considered influences.

With 47.57 million digital tracks sold in the US, she is now the highest selling digital act in the country, kicking dust in the faces of efforts made by the revolutionary Lady GaGa and Pop icon Beyonce. Continue reading

“I liked the Rihanna video a lot because I felt like it was something different,” told Adam Lambert

He has a stack of hit singles and eye catching videos to his name, so we thought glam-pop singer Adam Lambert would be the perfect artist to ask for his picks at this year’s 2012 MTV Video Music Awards!

Although Adam shied away from predicting an actual winner for the ‘Video of the Year’ category, he did admit that he loves Bajan beauty Rihanna‘s “different” clip for ‘We Found Love’!

I liked the Rihanna video a lot because I felt like it was something different,he told MTV Australia when we caught up in Sydney last month. 

You know, all of us want to make some glam, fabulous, fashion-orientated thing but that video was very real, almost like documentary style and I thought it was very cool.”  Continue reading

Rihanna will opening the 2012 VMAs with “We Found Love” and a brand-new remix of “Cockiness (Love It)”

DJ/Producer A$AP Rocky will join her for “Cockiness (Love It)” and Calvin Harris will join her live on the VMA stage for “We Found Love” at the VMAs. It’s Rihanna’s fourth VMA performance.

Rihanna’s also nominated for five VMAs, including Video Of The Year for “We Found Love” and “Take Care” with Drake and Best Pop Video and Best Female Video for “We Found Love.”

Listen to an exclusive remix of “Cockiness (Love It) feat. A$AP Rocky” right now.

Don’t miss the 2012 MTV VMAs live from Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday, Sept. 6, at 8 p.m. ET/PT.