Rihanna Wants A ‘Cute & Sexy’ Tattoo On Her Back

At this point, who’s counting just how many tattoos Rihanna has? Sources connected with the “California King Bed” singer say RiRi is in the market for a massive new back tattoo.

She talking about she want to get something crazy big on the center of her back but still keep it cute and sexy,” a source exclusively tells Hollywood Life “If anybody can pull it off, it’s her.

As for exactly what image Ri-Ri is planning to get, our source says Rihanna is keeping that to herself.

I don’t know what exactly what image or message she getting on her back, but it’s going to mean something that important to her. She don’t be getting them just to be getting them. All her tats are about her and special to her. Her body is her temple and she thinks it’s a piece of art too. Go figure. She just being her.

Earlier this week, the artist revealed her newest ink job tattooed beneath her breast. The image depicts the Egyptian goddess Isis kneeling with her wings spread in memory of her late grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite.

She just in that mode now, I don’t fuc**ng know. It’s just her. She feel like she can take mad pain now that she got the tat under her breasts.

Via Hollywood Life


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