Rihanna gets dressed of Agent 47’s Fashion Line


Rihanna has been spotted dressed in Hitman: Absolution branded clothing.

She was pictured wearing various items of  Hitman: Absolution attire, soon to be available from London-based clothing label Trapstar.

Square Enix trumpeted the news today, mentioning that Rihanna’s fave range will be available to buy from Trapstar’s flagship store on 20th November. Oh, that’s Hitman: Absolution’s release date!

She was photographed at the 2012 Paralympics Games after party at the Arts Club in London.

Hitman: Absolution is one of the coolest entertainment brands around and Agent 47 is always dressed to kill, so working with Trapstar seemed the perfect fit,” said brand and UK marketing director of Square Enix, Jon Brooke.

Why Rihanna? Who knows! But actual Rihanna-worn Hitman: Absolution clothes will probably not be available.

The t-shirts, tops and jackets feature various Hitman logos and designs.

Being given the chance to work with Square Enix on the Hitman: Absolution project has the makings of an epic collaboration,” piped up Trapstar co-founder Mikey Trapstar. “It gives Trapstar the opportunity to be experimentally playful with the clothing and unleash darker imagery“.

Via Euro Gamer


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