Zayn Malik would choose Katy Perry over Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson

The singer, 19 – who is dating Little Mix‘s Perrie Edwards, 19 – has revealed that he would love to share the stage with the American star. ‘I’m a massive fan of his – I love SexyBack,’ the One Direction hottie told Teen Now.

Or Chris Brown – his songs are amazing as well, especially With You. Either of them would be awesome.

And when it comes to female stars, Zayn has three top girls but has no doubts about his favourite.

I really like Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry,” he reveals. “Let’s not forget Rihanna either” he added.

But I think I’d choose Katy Perry if any of them could work with us.

One Direction have recently been embroiled in a war with an American boyband of the same name over who has the right to be called One Direction. Many of you will be pleased to hear that UK One Direction won the battle and get to keep their name.

The American One Direction, now named Uncharted Shores, initially tried to sue One Direction for the rights to the name claiming that they had it first. They also demanded £600,000 in damages, claiming that they are due a percentage of the UK One Direction’s earnings. However, all parties are now reported to have come to an agreement.

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