Rihanna wins VMA Video Of The Year for ‘We Found Love’

Rihanna clearly enjoyed herself at Thursday’s VMAs, giggling and getting serenaded with some One Direction by her bestie, Katy Perry. But with five nominations going in, she had to wait until near the end of the broadcast to take home some hardware. When it came, though, the last embrace was the sweetest.

After opening the show with a bracing performance of “Cockiness” with A$AP Rocky
 and “We Found Love” with house DJ Calvin Harris, she capped the evening with the biggest prize: Video of the Year.

MTV thank you so much, but most importantly, my fans thank you so much for voting,” she said. “My Navy. Rihanna Navy … it’s Navy or die. I love you guys, thank you, this is awesome.

With the win, she beat out Drake‘s “Take Care”, which she is featured on, as well as Gotye‘s smash “Somebody That I Used To Know”, bestie Katy Perry‘s “Wide Awake” and M.I.A.‘s ghost riding “Bad Girls”.


3 responses to “Rihanna wins VMA Video Of The Year for ‘We Found Love’

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